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Wish you had a website? Wish you had a better website? Wish you were doing a better job of ‘social media’? (What ever the heck that means…) At BearBytes we focus on simple, working solutions for your small company or organization.


Your desire to build social presence


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Going Up?

Who would think going up is as much fun as coming down? It's sweaty. It can be frustrating. And it is slow. But.... What a way to see the world around you. It's Sweaty: But an unbelievable, low impact workout It's Frustrating: It's frustrating, sure, but...

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Starting Slow

Starting slow. Hopefully more will follow. Even when everything is equal, it is not. And that is OK. A day is a data point. A relationship is the law of large numbers.

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Climbing Fisher Peak!

On August 29th, 2019 Eric and I made our way up Fisher Peak. Fisher is the most prominent and tallest peak in the East Kootenays and one that everyone would like to hike. What did we learn? It's a climb, not a hike. The fist 2 KM are about the same as...

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