Starting back in August the plan was laid to enable me to have a sled, instead of riding double all the time. This plan was not cheap, and it was not quick but finally today it was achieved!

What you need if you want another sled:

  • A new sled: In this case a new 800 Polaris for Eric. Let’s call that $16,000.00
  • A trailer: This seems easier said than done but after almost 12 weeks of waiting we were able to pick it up on Monday south of Okotoks. Let’s call that about $4000.00
  • Clamps & such: Those sleds aren’t going to just sit there on their own. Let’s add another $1000.00 for the clamps and the kid added to the trailer.
  • Insurance: Sure, that’s a good idea. Both sleds & a trailer run about $700.00 a year
  • Parking: Where on earth are you going to store this? The pipe dream of keeping it and a car in the garage was eventually seen as the dream it was. Trailer and sleds are going to park out front but we will need another sled cover for that. Add another $500 to the tab
  • Total: We are adding up in the neighbourhood of $22K now but I think we are most of the way there 🙂

That’s costs but how do you put a price tag on our first run of the year??!?!? We drove to Wycliffe, got the sleds off at about marker 11 on Perry Creek FSR and headed to the top of VOR. Eric loves the new, more powerful machine, and I was able to get my sled off and on the trailer all by myself!!!

It was fun zipping up the hill, I tried to be adventurous: going in untracked snow, going fast (Over 30 MPH!!!), playing with the brakes, playing with the steering. All in all I felt pretty confident. My bug test will be going up the waterfall at Bootleg. Yipes, that one will keep me up the night before..