Alright!!! 4 rides in 7 days, surely I’ll get better. Right? RIGHT!!!!

Because Thursday was a setback I decided the plan was to: Look ahead, stay agile & keep calm. I did a pretty good job but here were the new twists:

  • A sled != a car for turning: When the guys went up to set a trail I got my sled stuck by atttempting a 5 point turn in new snow. Too bad, so sad. This involved a lot of digging and eventually help from the guys to unstuck it. Left to my own devices I’m pretty sure I would have got it out though!
  • Soft Trail, gotta wail: After getting unstuck I headed up to the new trail, which was soft. To start I really needed to give it all the throttle I could. I didn’t, that sinking feeling again. This time it was Steve who had to dig. Sigh.

Really I only got stuck once after that (Although we only went half a mile….) it was a pretty treacherous section that had been chewed up by the guys  so I don’t feel too bad about losing it there. Although Steve noticed I did some weird cross arm driving (I don’t remember that but I’m sure I did). Got some more advice from Steve too: Weight on the forward leg of the side you switch to, allow you to get your body mass waaaaay out past the sled.  Good one…

The last ‘newbie’ thing I did was try to drive away with the emergency brake on. Haaaaa!!! I was giving it gas and it was hardly going!! Steve came by, ‘Your parking brake is on” HAAAAAAAA

Another day of rest required but that’s OK. I’m tired & bruised & sore but feeling just a tiny bit proud of myself for the day.

Pete, Eric & Steve, ripping it up. Note that as Steve goes past me his pole breaks in half!!! There’s a pole plant