Ride #6 was the best so far…

We headed up Mt Evan from the Hellroaring creek side (11.5 miles from Pete & Mary’s place at the lake). Most of the ride is open FSR so pretty easy but the last 2 miles gets tricky. 2 little creek crossings and one large creek crossing. Luckily we were not the first people up that trail so it had set but it still had a lot of fluffy new snow on it. No problems getting through anything but I did have a challenge at the turn around: I sort of hit David’s sled 😉 Whoops…. I psyched myself out, I said, “Just go around him…” but as I got close I kept looking at him and, sure as shit, I hit him (Slowly of course). Pete had to turn my sled around in the deep snow with a tight radius, Eric had to help get me started down as well: I couldn’t get the turn cranked to start and I didn’t want to drop off the side!

It was a tough but fun skin up a couple of sections were so steep that it was tough to keep the skis under you but I eventually ground my way though them. Super nice snow to ski!!! Really great. 

David joined us, he got a sled too, the skin up was hard but the most exciting was coming down. He hasn’t skied in 25 years and we were in super tight trees!!!! Crazy bugger!!!! He did great, especially in the more open areas, but was fully challenged in some of the tighter areas. I tried to coach him down a bit (God knows everyone has been great coaching me). He did it but lost half a pole in the journey.

I was pooped afterwards. The sledding, while better, is still very stressful and the climb up was a tough one. 

The: Look ahead, stay agile & keep calm mantra for the sled still works for me.