30 trips this year! Is that possible? Yes, I’ve been keeping track and we have been out 30 times since we started this winter, in mid-October. Most of those with me piloting my own sled. I’ve worked past being nervous for every ride but I still have a healthy respect for the beast. It doesn’t take much and, BAM, it’s buried in deep snow or you are watching it bounce down the slope. The secret, for me, still seems to be ‘look ahead, stay agile & keep calm’.

We have been doing backcountry trips almost 4 days a week for the last month. The ski hill hasn’t needed my services in this our year of the COVID outbreak, so it has been a great chance to explore. While we may visit the same place several times no two trips are alike. Snow changes, the sled ride changes, the skiing changes, the sun changes, it is familiar yet wildly different. Even the pace you take the trip can change the whole feel. Sometimes slow and leisurly, sometimes pushing yourself up through the steeps with your heart thumping.

For the total cost of the sleds, ski gear & transportation we could possibly done two weeklong heli trips. While that does sound exciting and more than a little glamorous, I wouldn’t change a thing. It is even more exciting to have everything you need for the adventure right in your garage so all you have to say is, “Where do you want to go tomorrow?”