Boy, do you ever feel small when you are lying in a tiny little cabin on the side of a glacier when the wind blows! All night we were buffeted by the winds, it almost felt like the hut would go sailing off in the night. It didn’t, of course, but it did shake & rattle.

This trip, like the others, had some ups and downs. Ups: a late afternoon mini-hike with Eric, some fun sweat and powder on our first loop of the glacier, an entertaining evening with Pete & David. Downs: limited sleep between the wind and evening trips to pee by my hut mates, a very blown in trail on the way down, not sure we had enough wood for the night.

I must admit, I was nervous again before we left, thinking of everyting that can go wrong. Maybe that will always be the way, maybe that should always be the way. Hopefully I can lighten up a little bit and enjoy the lead up a bit more.