2020-10-16 – Farnam Glacier

My call to the bigs, my first overnight trip with Eric and Pete to the glacier. First of all, it is a pretty big trip from Kimberley: 1.5 hours to Radium, 1.5 hours on Horsethief Creek FSR in the truck, then another 1.5 hours on the quad (and walking/skiing) to get to the hut at the base of the glacier!!! Hike another 2 hours and, Bob’s your uncle, you are at the top of the glacier ready to ski. Long, yes. Beautiful, yes. The valley is too stupendous for words so some picture are included. The skiing was amazing, a very wintery 14 inches or so. Pretty tame climb too, just long. Especially if your feet are in agony. I think what happened is water got into my boots crossing the creek just below the hut and the water actually absorbed into all the liner. I ended up with a horrible rash/rubbing on my feet and lower legs. Yuck. Still worth it though. I hurt so much I was making muyself count 100 steps before I was allowed to stop moving.

The hut was cold to start but once the fire really got started and the stove warmed all the way though the hut was so hot we had to open the door and let winter in!

A storm came through in the night so we started the next morning in the dark to allow extra time to get the quad down. There we were skiing in the dark over snow rocks and boulders. We left the hut around 7 in the AM and didn’t get back home to Kimberley until about noon!!!

So gorgeous though…. You have to try and absorb and enjoy all of the elements of the trip. Even having to walk the last KM or so up to the hut.