Dear Shannon, 

If you are reading this is in March 2021 and you are getting very excited about golf. As I am writing this it is October 19th and I’ve just washed and put away your clubs for the winter.

2020 was a good golf year for you! You:

  • Got a new driver and started to consistently drive around 200
  • Shot a 78 & 76 from the greens at Kimberley and an 81 from the whites (That included at 38 on the back 9!!!!)
  • Finished the season with an 8,6 handicap factor with the lowest factor at 8.5

So, here is what you would tell next year’s you if you want to do even better….

Distance: Don’t worry too much about getting longer (especially with driver, 3 wood & 4 hybrid). Just swing slow and from the inside out and all should be well. Don’t forget to stand a little farther away from your driver than you are used to. That goes for your 3 & 4 as well as 5 & 6 iron. Ditto for making sure you are looking over your left shoulder in your swing makes, you a little less upright.

Where will you gain the most strokes? Chipping and putting…. Spend a lot of time working from 50 yards in. Make that 100 yards in, you and your pitching wedge had a lot of problems now that I think about it.

THE SAND: Good God you dropped a lot of strokes by flailing around in the sand. Spend time early in the season getting confident in the sand.

If you get that under control here are some things to ponder:

  • Maybe learn to swing your irons like a real person. You have a very flat swing but don’t break too many eggs.
  • Get a draw you can trust. You were very straight this year but it would be nice to have some shape when you need it. (Although you were getting pretty good with the low hooker with your 5 iron this year…) 

That’s it! Swing Easy Baby!