Mama Needs New Shoes!

This week’s revelation is how much a new website is like a pair of new leather shoes…. Yes, shoes.

When you first get them they look beautiful, smell beautiful and are apparently perfect. However, once you start to wear them a while you realize they they need to stretch a bit. Maybe the toe box is a little tight. Maybe the heels chafe a bit. Maybe they are just a touch small on the left foot. But until you use them a bit you don’t realize that a few tweaks are needed.

New websites are just like this as well. Until someone starts actually using your sites for what they are designed for you won’t realize the parts you thought were easy to navigate aren’t. Or that you have whole pages that no one even looks at. Or that you have whole pages that should be there, and aren’t.

What do you do? Panic? Freak out? No, just listen to your users and keep an eye on your Google Analytics. If your design was good in the first place all you should have to do are some small modifications along the line.