RIde #5 was a realively simple one with Eric as my guide! We went waaaaaaaaaay back into the Purcell’s, all the way to KM 57 on Duer Creek FSR. There is a Yurt there that you can actually rent for the night. Cool!

Most of the trip was actually driving! It takes almost 90 minutes to get to where we dropped the sleds off and you better have a radio to listen to the lcoation of the logging trucks and let them know where you are or SMOOOOSH!!!! It was really busy.

It was a beautiful day we rode the sleds about 2.5 miles up to where the yurt is, checked out the yurt, then went for a loop by the yurt. It wasn’t long but a neat way to check out the area. Skiing is NOT recommended for most of it though. Clearly an avalanch trap with three chutes leading into one bowl. There isn’t much snow right now but we still skirted along the side of the run out. There is a little section you coulf actually ski if you wanted though. Some interesting critters made tracks through there. Maybe badger? Mayber wolverine? 

Today’s learnings:

  • Don’t fight the little stuff: Where it is a little roly & poly don’t fight it, the sled should handle it OK on its own.
  • Use the handle stupid! If you want to make a short turn use the handles on the end of the skis to pull them the direction you want to go. You can get a sharper turn that way than trying to steer. Eric did this while I drove but you could also get off and do it on your own.

It was a gorgeous day in the mountains!