Ride #2 was up a favourite skiing destination for us: Bootleg Mountain. That’s where we did the most skiing last year and probably again this year. It was a different test from the VOR: steeper in parts, more narrow and windy. The trickiest new part was all of the snow…. Riding in deep snow is waaaaaay different than packed or a little snow. You’ve got to:

  • Stand up if you are cutting trail up the hill
  • Get used to shifting your weight to keep upright
  • Don’t be afraid to ‘giv’er’

I only went over sideways once and it was an easy right with Eric doing most of the work 😉

“Did you have fun?” people asked. Fun isn’t exactly the word I would use because of how often I dropped the f-bomb but, the difference between fun and fear is a small one. Maybe next time it will fall in favour of fun. Beautiful views were definitely the reward!