After much internal debate I decided to enter in Round the Mountain 2020. Date of the the race is June 21, 2020 (If it happens but, boy oh boy, I hope things as far in the future as June can go on). As the front country ski season came to a screeching halt on March 15th I decided I might as well lace up the shoes and start getting some running milage in. This is to keep track of milage and any interesting pictures I take while running.

Sigh… The RTM team has ‘postponed’ the race until June 20, 2021. I slept on this news and have decided to run the ‘race’ anyway. It will be a solo affair I’m sure but Eric & Meegan have offered to help cheer and time me. Nice to have friends.


Date Distance Elev. Gain Time Notes
2020-03-20 8.01 km 166 m 50:42 First run of 2020!
2020-03-23 7.21 km 180 m 51:55 Mrs. Slowster! Calves were a lot more sore than I thought from the last run. Could have been the 2 skins up the ski hill since then too 😉
2020-03-26 10.01 km 281 m 1:08:39 Toured the first part of the RTM course. Very snow covered!
2020-03-29 8.50 km 113 m 58:05 Slow but beautiful along the Mark Creek and up to ridge. Saw our old Subaru in Marysville!
2020-04-04 8.73 km 822 m 2:44:27 OK, not a run but a great skin & ski adventure at the hill. We got so much snow this week that running wasn’t top of mind but I did hike the hill & ski it 4 times. Today was a full mornings’ worth though.
2020-04-06 6.52 km 159 m 51:13 Whoa! Who’s slow? I’m slow!! Did it though and I didn’t want to 😉
2020-04-07 9.25 km 304 m 1:05:55 To the base of Tamarack & back. Tricky footing on the snow…
2020-04-10 6.82 km 649 m 2:20:57 OK… Not a run but an amazing skin up & ski down Old Baldy!!!
2020-04-12 12.26 km 301 m 1:20:32 Happy Easter! Nice run up to Townsite & back. Cracked 12 km!
2020-04-15 11.29 km 232 m 1:13:59 5.5 kms down & 5.5 kms up. There is nothing flat in these parts..
2020-04-17 10.20 km 389 m 1:23:32 First actual trail run of the year! The trails by Sunflower hill are 99% snow free!
2020-04-19 15.31 km 585 m 2:36:19 Sigh. After discovering sunflower hill was clear some dumbass (me) decided to go from KGC up and over back home. Lots of snow still up high. Got dead ended on SW Passage, ended up ankle deep in a creek and fell in the snow 8 times. HAAAAAA. Nice day though
2020-04-21 6.99 km 195 m 48:14 Short run but new shoes! Like ’em!
2020-04-24 8.50 km 225 m 1:00:33 Further exploration in Forest Crowne
2020-04-26 12.82 km 484 m 1:43:39 A good long-ish run. Took Shapeshifter as far as it goes. Added on the little bloop to the viewpoint so I would get at least 12 kms… Downloaded TrailForks for my phone. Liked it!
2020-04-30 15.55 km 681 m 2:38:52 HA! Another adventure from the campground to home but took a big westward deviation. Trails are better for snow but some (Creek Trail!!!) are still all snow. Slowed things down a bit. Beautiful out there.
2020-05-03 8.98 km 309 m 1:11:27 Running up on ‘our’ trails again. Magic Line 1, Trickledown, around the course. All in pretty great shape.
2020-05-05 10.31 km 368 m 1:35:50 Still slow…Right foot & ankle bugging me but what a nice day


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