Today was a tough one….

We went a little further and it wasn’t just harder, it was exponetially harder! Lots of fresh snow, tight trail and a very newbie rider (That’s me….).

A special call out to Eric for helping right me (& get me to calm down) and Pete for the same. As god as my witness we spent 1 hour digging and 20 minutes riding. Going up I either dumped it or trenched it maybe 12 times! Only once going down but it was the worse one because I fell down the steep side which makes getting upright really hard. Really hard….

I learned:

  • Speed is your friend… …When you are pointed in the right direction. ‘Gunning it’ is clearly the thing to do but when you can get the skis pointed the right direction but, when you can’t it is too scary
  • Get off your ass… Do it early and do it often, especially up the hills but down too
  • Trenching is as bad as it sounds…. It’s when your track digs a hole and can no longer find traction. This then involves a bunch of kicking snow under the track until you can go again

Tonight I am beat and most muscles are sore.  More experience and more courage next time